We offer piezoresistive, shear-mode Quartz memory gauges and gauge carriers. Tailored to any kind of running methods and monitoring challenges: tubing conveyed (DST, Drilling, gravel pack, etc.), coil tubing (injection, foam lift, acidizing, etc.) and slickline (Gradients, build-ups, PI, Interference tests, etc.).

Setting gauges inside an SPM with a Kickover tool generates extremely high-level of shocks on your equipment. Metrolog improved its designs over the past 10 years to reach a high degree of confidence in an apparently simple, but quite challenging, application. Shock absorbing capability of our electronic board has improved dramatically thanks to a proprietary design. Gauges can be set in lieu of any 1’’ of 1.5’’ Dummy Valve to measure annulus pressure or tubing pressure for days or months without creating any well restrictions.