We offer piezoresistive, shear-mode Quartz memory gauges and gauge carriers. Tailored to any kind of running methods and monitoring challenges: tubing conveyed (DST, Drilling, gravel pack, etc.), coil tubing (injection, foam lift, acidizing, etc.) and slickline (Gradients, build-ups, PI, Interference tests, etc.).

Metrolog designs, manufactures and certifies gauges carriers for your applications. We do have custom and standard designs for up to 30kpsi and 200°C. Our carriers are used in DST application, Coil Tubing operations, Slickline jobs, Gravel Pack, etc. We try to keep our design compacts, using standard or premium threads, NACE MR0175 materials, etc. We have the internal capability to simulate burst and collapse pressure, and pressure test them to your needs. Do not hesitate to send us your inquiries we will do our best to answer accurately to your needs.