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The Reference for Downhole Memory Gauges
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We offer piezoresistive, shear-mode Quartz memory gauges and gauge carriers. Tailored to any kind of running methods and monitoring challenges: tubing conveyed (DST, Drilling, gravel pack, etc.), coil tubing (injection, foam lift, acidizing, etc.) and slickline (Gradients, build-ups, PI, Interference tests, etc.).

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Want a new quartz transducer alternative ?

Sercel-Metrolog brings the most reliable alternative to the resonating quartz-crystal technology for downhole pressure and temperature monitoring .


Inheriting 25 years of advanced Acoustic Developments driven by Sercel’s Seismic activities, Metrolog adapted this outstanding acoustic technology to downhole transmission at a fast-baud rate. Our iScope was the very first product to embed this unique technology capable of communicating up to 300ft at sound speed. To capitalize on this know-how we are also seeking partners to develop other applications in & out of the Oil and Gas Industry

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