Downhole Acoustics

Sercel is currently the leader in Seismic Equipment, as around 2/3rd of the land and marine crews operate with our products.

Over the past 30 years, we developed through one of our entity located in Brittany, acoustic data transmission for underwater applications. This high-end technological brick uses acoustic signal to transmit data from sea surface to subsea stations or ROVs in a 5 to 10km range, rugged against any kind of acoustic noise/interferences coming from surface or underwater.

In 2014, Metrolog integrated acoustic technology into downhole applications: the iScope.

The system is designed for DST operations, sending data from below the tester valve to a harvesting shuttle located 100 meters away. Using a 50 kHz signal frequency, we achieve an effective baud rate above 1kbit/sec with 300 feet communication distance capability, @150°C and 15,000 psi absolute pressure.

We voluntarily chose high frequency to shorten the harvesting time downhole. With lower frequency (< 100Hz) like other players in the market place, we can achieve much larger communication distances (> 2,000ft) but with much lower speed in data transmission. In acoustic, the faster the frequency, the shorter the communication range. The slower the frequency, the longer. Who has never been bothered by a neighbor using loud boomers…?

Open to Partnerships for other applications.

Today, several companies made the choice of acoustic transmission for various application (Permanent Downhole Gauges, Real time DST, etc.).

Tomorrow, it is very likely that acoustic technology will expand to more and more application. Its low power consumption, transmission signal reliability, etc. make acoustic a very robust Wireless transmission mode for underwater and below the BOP or below the Xmas-Tree applications.

Several independent or major Oil Companies show continuous interest and acknowledge the potential to Acoustic technologies. We do believe that acoustic technologies will help digitalize the oilfield. With acoustics, equipment installed at different levels in the well could be actuated through safely, installed easily, ultimately driving cost down for the Oil co.

To reach such target, Sercel is looking for a partner to accelerate the development of such technologies and its adoption, while leveraging on Sercel’s knowhow, supply chain and manufacturing facilities. We do believe we have the resources and the know how to bring your idea to life.