About us

Our History


Metrolog was created by Michel Barthès, an Engineer formerly in charge of Latin America operations for Flopetrol, with a simple idea : design high-quality memory gauges, with high metrological standards, useable by anyone. He partnered with micro-electronic designers from companies working for the European Space Agency and the aeronautical industry. Laurent Viard was one of them.


Sercel, the equipment-manufacturing branch of the CGG group, a leading geoscience company in the Oil & Gas industry, acquires Metrolog. This acquisition gave Metrolog access to high-end micro-electronic providers and designers, rugged acoustic technology and outstanding microelectronic support from Sercel Quality team.


The first Fully Hybrid Quartz Gauge, the CGM5-XHT, is released to the industry.


Sercel aquires Geophysical Research Corporation, known as GRC, a Tulsa-based company who organically developed back in 1927 the first mechanical tool to measure downhole pressure and temperature. This tool, known as the Amerada® Gauge, enabled reservoir engineers and geophysicists to determine wellbore and reservoir capacity. The Amerada® Gauge long remained the pressure standard of the industry.


Metrolog launches the iScope, a product designed to optimize Well Tests durations at a very affordable price. The iScope is a disruptive product that fills a gap between expensive real time acoustic telemetry and standard DST where no data are available on surface until the POOH. The technological brick developed by Metrolog, thanks to 30 years of acoustic development within Sercel demonstrated our capability to master that technology in harsh conditions.


Metrolog launches its first 240°C Ultra-High Tempearture ASIC based on 30 years of experience in ASIC design and more than 20 million ASIC integrated by Sercel.

Our T.E.A.M. : Together Everyone Achieve More

Our Vision


We strive to create a strong relation of confidence with our customers and target to meet or exceed their expectations. We believe in our people, our values and in ethics. To survive amid a very competitive and technological market, we answer with products and services designed, manufactured and delivered in conformity to the highest quality standards.
We recognize that quality, honesty, exemplarity and teamwork are key factors of success in everything we do.
Protecting the environment is at the heart of our product lifecycle management. Limiting our wastes and insuring their good recycling is part of our duties.

" After more than 10 years within Sercel and more than 15 years in the industry, I have never worked with a group so dedicated to Customer satisfaction. We will do our best to serve you. "

Charles Bernard, Business Unit Manager



All Metrolog products are designed in-house. Physical tests of each new component, state-of-the-art CAD tools and Metrolog's expertise are combined to ensure the quality of the designed products.

Prototypes are extensively tested in Aerospace Standard Laboratories then in real conditions. Manufacturing begins only once pre-production series have themselves been qualified.

" I have been working with Metrolog for 30 years. Customer satisfaction, innovation and quality have always been our main objectives. "

Laurent Viard, Quality Manager

Product Development


Metrolog products are the result of more than 30 years of field experience, technology breakthrough and in-house innovation. This combination, associated with a deep knowledge in Metrology, High temperature electronics and oil & gaz operations, brought our last generation of tools to unprecedented reliability and accuracy while keeping the easy-to-use family of gauges. The integration of Metrolog into Sercel Goup in 2008 opened up the field of expertise of R&D to acoustics, ASIC design and Ultra High Accuracy Electronics with the support of more than 300 Sercel's experts spread all around the world.

" Since 2008 we entered into a new dimension of product development. The only limitation of our capacity of development comes from our creativity and our imagination. And we work hard on it to push them as far as we can! "

Nicolas Bravard, R&D Manager



The maturity and the involvement of our production team is outstanding. We also have the luck to be located in Toulouse, France, world capital of the Aerospace industry with the biggest players in the world like Airbus, Thalès, Safran and the European Space Agency (ESA). This gives us access to top notch providers, focused and trained to deliver products compliant with the highest quality standard in the industry.
This is a real benefit to the quality of our products and helps us to improve customer satisfaction.

" As a Production Manager, I was given the opportunity to push for innovation, automation, lean manufacturing, and more agility in our processes while training and increase the knowledge of our production team. It has been really challenging but a real source of motivation for the team, and, today, our results are the demonstration of our operational success. "

Fabien Mathe, Production and Repair Manager

Sales & Marketing


All our customers matter! Because we operate in a niche market where all companies, large or small, depend on the good operation of our Tools, we thrive to support them anytime, anywhere. This is our pride.

" I am glad to be part of this challenging human adventure with a customer-oriented team, ears and eyes open to customer's needs and feedback. "

Dimitri Gouillon, Sales & Marketing Manager